A video with an event should be the norm, never the exception.

So why do so many videos just fade to black after they end? Fading to black is a wasted opportunity to drive leads to engage with more content, interact with a call to action (CTA), or explore your organization further.

Interactive events are moments that you choose to enhance the video experience for your customer. Ensuring you’re driving engagement at key moments during your video.

Maybe you use interactive events to collect names with a lead capture form

or maybe you use them to serve up recommended content at the right time in your video,

or to guide them to the next step in the buyer’s journey at the end of your video.

No matter how you use them, interactive events let you spice up your video content by adding event registration forms or suggested content, to make every video relevant and engaging.

Interactive events are located in one central location, so you’ll always be able to create events quickly, and easily apply them to one or more videos in your library. Being able to create an event once and apply it to multiple videos across your library not only saves you time but helps your content stay on brand.

You’ll be able to standardize one event across your sales organization to promote priority campaigns, like a user conference. Or easily create a registration form for your upcoming webinar and apply that to the end of all marketing videos in your library. Now you’re ensuring your videos have consistent messaging, and promotion across your organization.

Interactive events are exclusive to the Vidyard platform and provide additional value to you and your customer, allowing you to customize the viewing experience for all of your videos.

There are even more great features available with Vidyard to help make your video content stand out from the rest and help you generate more leads. These new features were designed to enhance your content, drive greater demand, and make your videos work as hard as you do. See them in action during our latest webinar.

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