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Explainer Video Reel 2015 | Wildek Entertainment

Wildek Entertainment offers affordable explainer video production services for startups and well known brands. We produce marketing business videos for…

Tangerino | Video Marketing

Produção: Conexorama Animação: Guilherme Nau

Market JS Explainer Video

Market JS Explainer Video Here is the case: Market JS is a gaming and advertising company at the same time….

Astrea | Video Marketing

Produzido em parceiria com a Conexorama. Roteiro, ilustrações e sound fx: Conexorama Animação: Guilherme Nau

Labrador Self Publishing | Vídeo Marketing

Ilustras e animação: Guilherme Nau Produção e sound design: Animavideo

Web Video – ‘Beck’s Berlin Wall’

Motion Design // Kinetic Type A video commissioned by Beck’s for Beck’s Berlin Sessions, chronicling the rise of electronic music…

Telemedicina Morsch – Vídeo Marketing

Produção e roteiro: Clint.Digital | https://clint.digital Ilustrações: Tiago Amora | https://www.behance.net/tiagoamora Animação/Direção de Arte/Sound Design: Guilherme Nau Voice Over: Lubben…

FansUnite – Community Incentive Program | Video Marketing

Production: Desa Studios Art Direction: Guilherme Nau Ilustration: Rafael Folk Animation: Guilherme Nau Sound Design: Guilherme Nau

Monex | Video Marketing

Studio – Motionstory Producer – Daniel Neale Storyboard – Daniel Neale illustations – Justas Jelisejevas Direction – Feitosa Character Design…

Container Cultura | Video Marketing

Vídeo marketing produzido para a Container Cultura, de Blumenau. Roteiro/Arte/Animação/Sound Design – Guilherme Nau

Smart Insights: Marketing has changed – have you?

A short animated promotional video we created for the Smart Insights website

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