Back in the day, all of the Discovery Networks used to have a centralized marketing team that reported in to one guy. And that guy started an unfortunately short-lived tradition called Project Pancake; a year-end gathering to celebrate everyone’s hard work that included parody videos from each of the networks. It started as a sort of secret assignment and quickly grew in to something like an unspoken competition… everyone wanted to have the best or funniest tapes and bragging rights at the end of the party.

In 2005, Jeff Strong and JR Soldano cooked up the idea of knocking off Bud Light’s “Real Men of Genius” radio campaign with some marketing-themed versions of the spots. Favors were called in from composers and VO guys, and these clips were the result.

They went over really well at the Pancake party. So much so that they got picked up and used in Lee Hunt’s next presentation at Promax/BDA. And before too long, they were making the rounds via email. I’ve lost track of the number of people who sent them to me not knowing that I worked on them… pretty cool to have officially gone viral on a just-for-fun project.

(DAM TV stands for Discovery Advertising and Marketing TV… the big idea for 2005’s Pancake was that we were launching our own network that was all marketing all the time.)

Promax Gold – Marketing Video/Presentation (Internal)

Writer/Producer – JR Soldano
Writer – Jeff Strong
Writer – Tyler Korba